Clamp and holder CL220, for temp. sensor

Clamp and holder CL220, for temp. sensor
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Component of:

  • DHWHP03021
    Premium Hotplate digital, Type: HP-20D S
  • DHWHP03023
    Premium Hotplate digital, Type: HP-30D S
  • DHWMH03021
    Digital Hotplate stirrer, MSH-20D Set,
  • DHWMH03023
    Digital Hotplate stirrer, MSH-30D Set,


Tuotenumero.: DHWHP503012 Hinta pyydettäessä for 1 kappale
Clamp and holder CL220, for temp. sensor

Accessory of:

  • DHWHM12500
    Electronical temperature regulator WHM-C
  • DHWHP03120
    Premium Hotplate analog, type: HP-20A,
  • DHWHP03121
    Premium Hotplate analog, type: HP-30A,
  • DHWMH03120
    Premium Hotplate Stirrer, MSH-20A, analo
  • DHWMH03121
    Premium Hotplate Stirrer, MSH-30A, analo
  • DHWMS03022
    Magnetic Stirrer MS-20D digital 230 V
  • DHWMS03122
    Premium Magnetic stirrer, type MS-20A,
  • DHWHP03020
    Premium Hotplate digital, Type: HP-20D,
  • DHWHP03022
    Premium Hotplate digital, Type: HP-30D,
  • DHWMH03020
    Digital Hotplate stirrer, MSH-20D, cera
  • DHWMH03022
    Digital Hotplate stirrer, MSH-30D, cera
  • DHWMH03503
    multi-point hotplate stirrer SMHS-3
  • DHWMH03506
    multi-point hotplate stirrer SMHS-6