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Artikkelinumero Selvennys
0100600645 Application test in-house
0100600647 Application Service training on-site
02070101040 Allen key 2,5mm
04060121110 Auxiliary tool 3/5/7F (SilentCrusher S)
04060121121 Auxiliary tool 8/12/18 (SilentCrusher M)
11001001482 Adapter (Reax 20/4)
11001001492 Adapter (Reax 20/8)
11001001502 Adapter (Reax 20/12)
11001523190 Axial fan (Peristaltic Pumps)
1100250102 Adapter for shaft guard Hei-TORQUE For attaching an existing shaft guard to a Hei-TORQUE stirrer
11008014412 Adjustable lever (Reax 20)
11013543830 Axis eccentric (Unimax 1010)
14300010850 Axial fan 3110SB-05W-B40 (Hei-VAP Industrial) Axial fan 3110SB-05W-B40 (Hei-VAP Indust
22300102440 Assembled rope (Hei-VAP Bench-top HL)
23300103160 Adapter (Rotacool)
5091900010 AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller (PTFE) Anchor-Type Impeller These impellers are recommended for applications which require a low speed For mixing tasks with...
23050206420 Assembling tool for heating bath cutout
584126160 Adaptor for multichannel pump heads To connect pump drive to multi-channel pump head
104149010 Attachment for 10 test tubes For up to 10 test tubes with Ø 10 mm, length up to 60 mm
524130021 Adaptor 1 Allows for simultaneously mixing 20 test tubes Ø 10-18 mm with just one shaker
104126000 Adaptor for 1 L bottles (Set of 4) (Set of 4) Allows for the use of four 1-liter bottles
11001501620 Adjustment tool for mechanical stirrers
11300008200 Assembly aid for synchronizing pulley belt change Assembly aid for synchronizing pulley be
22300102441 Assembled rope (Hei-VAP Core/Expert HL)
22300104840 Angle connector B20/Ø8